Creating more value with Mehrwert-packages.

Our scalable and modular white label platform enables customised marketing of attractive Mehrwert-products beyond banking.

AI-based intelligence for

  • spot on identification of sales opportunities
  • Ready to use plug-in implementation of beyond-banking offers
  • Integration of high-impact campaign and interaction elements

The building blocks along the VALU-X value chain connect real-life beyond-banking offers with your customer approach.

  • Integrated call-to-action in online banking
  • activating landing page
  • attractive Customer-Portal

You determine the range of the VALU-X offer.

In order to obtain the best possible overview and the highest possible level of control, you can supplement the VALU-X system with the following options,

  • implement a campaign management cockpit
  • Integrate topics such as CRM / loyalty and community management into a central control system

The VALU-X financial ecosystem

This is how we build together a user-centric, data-driven financial ecosystem. where the most important thing comes first:

Your customer. A human being.

How does that add up for you?

      Convince yourself.

  • Create a personal scenario.
  • And recognize the direct benefits.

No User Experience without Human Touch

We are a FinTech company where the data-driven user experience (UX) is the core of our developments.