No User Experience without Human Touch

VALU-X is a FinTech company where the data-driven user experience is the core of our developments.

VALU-X was founded in 2021 by David Furtwängler with the aim of offering insurance services that are combined into precisely tailored value-added offers and placing them via bank partners in such a way that they are aligned with people’s lives. The focus is not on meeting needs, but rather on addressing them in advance and making them aware of the corresponding insurance needs.

That is what „Bancassurance tailored to your needs“ stands for.

The result is a scalable and modular white label platform – open to all providers, open to all products and services – which is the solution for the precisely tailored marketing of attractive Mehrwert-products.

VALU-X Vision

A system with a system Our vision is to create a user-centric financial ecosystem for banks Beyond Banking – with added value for all parties concerned

VALU-X Mission

Relevant insights instead of unstructured data Instead of purely describing account transactions, we derive decision patterns from customer data and use them specifically to connect their life circle events with our Beyond Banking offers Tailormade to people’s needs.


David Furtwängler

CEO & Founder

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Leon Shutenko

CTO & Co – Founder

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Monika Schürholz

VALU-X Corporate Structure

Valu-X companies


System supplier to banks, generating income from SaaS.

Allgemeine Schutzbrief Service GmbH

Product provider that compiles Mehrwert-Packages* from various insurance, service and assistance products and takes on the collection of policy premiums.