Your customer,
a human being

Identifying needs, before even your customers know of them

From life events to spot-on product offers

Our modular white label platform enables a tailored marketing of attractive Mehrwert products – thanks to our AI-based data analysis.


Bancassurance tailored to your needs

Connect life-related Beyond Banking product offers with your online banking, the most frequented financial website used by your customers

From creating to meeting demand

Since your customers don’t know what they actually need, VALU-X uses its life events to place specific, individual and spot-on Mehrwert products.

A system with a system

VALU-X provides a scalable and modular white label platform that you can link up with your online banking which is in line with your system and product preferences: From data categorisation to the communication cockpit.

Relevant insights instead of unstructured data

Instead of purely describing pure account transactions, we Interpret decision patterns from data and use them specifically for our interaction and the right life event and Mehrwert product fit.

More value due to less coverage loss

A learning system that continuously optimises the classification algorithm based on customer reactions and thus increases the hit rate. Customers therefore only receive offers that are relevant to the current situation. And the bank retains the communication sovereignty.

From life events to spot on product offers

The VALU-X process identifies the relevant life events and combines them with a customised approach at the product and communication level.

Our Mehrwert-packages

Subject related value-added packages combine various insurance and service modules which customers can activate and configure at any time according to their needs.


Creating more value with Mehrwert-packages.

Our scalable and modular white label platform enables customised marketing of attractive Mehrwert-products beyond banking.


Insights from Inside

We take user-first seriously and focus on you and your needs.
That’s why we make you an interesting offer.



You want to generate new opportunities for your bank from the existing challenges.


Product Partners

You are an insurance company or service provider and want to take your bancassurance business to a new level?